Inspire Others

We worked with clients who are on their neurological recovery journey to co-design a website. 

Inspire Others was designed by clients that are on their neurological recovery journey, and the clinicians that work alongside them.

What is Co-design?

Co-design describes the process of designers and end-users (in our project, our designers are the therapists and the end-users are people with neurological conditions) working together to create something together. If co-design is done well, the end result should be a product or service that works much better for the end-user – and a better outcome than the designers doing the job themselves.

Our Vision

The inspiration for Inspire Others initially came from Dr Richard Coates, whilst reflecting on how to support some of the clients he sees in clinical practice.

His vision resonated with clinicians working in the same field and we were able to then involve people we knew who were living with neurological injury. The co-design process worked at two different levels. 

Step 1: Website Co-design

The first level was what the website would feel / look like as a whole, what order pages would go in, which logo we would use, what colours and font would be used etc – these decisions were discussed and voted on as a group of clinicians and end-users.

Step 2: Sharing Inspirational Stories

The second level was the telling of client stories to create the content for this website -these were developed in a process between one end-user and one clinician – both working together to work out what story the end-user felt they wanted to tell others and how they wanted to tell it. This has resulted in unique ways of storytelling, including a logo design, social media posts, blog posts, videos, images and words that all come together to create this special website.

Are you on a neurological recovery journey? Get in Touch

We would love more people living with neurological conditions to tell their story for Inspire Others. Please contact us at if you would be interested.