Inspire Others

From pencil sketch to finished product

by Jude Berraondo

The Inspire Others Logo was designed for the project by Harriet Ward. Harriet had a brain injury in
August 2014 and is continuing her recovery today. You can see in the picture below how her pencil
sketch was taken by the graphic designer and designed into 3 versions. Everybody involved in the project
at the beginning, unanimously voted for logo number 3 to represent the Inspire Others vision.


Here we talk to Harriet about her inspiration:

Harrie, your finished logo looks wonderful. Could you tell me about your thought process as you did
the initial sketch?

It was based around the concept of inspiring and trying to visualise that in pictures rather than words. So
I thought about seeing the light, being drawn into it by others, finding peace and helping people. I tried
to find images that depict those types of feelings. The incorporated ‘I’ and ‘O’ came from my graphics
training, you usually want to try and incorporate some part of an organisation’s name in the logo – so I
joined the letters to my thoughts of light and sunshine and started sketching and it came out looking like
a person as well.

Logo design sketch bottom left and logo concepts to the right

You were really clear on the colours you wanted – why did that colour palette speak to you?

I was looking for something that was calming and nature based as well. I think there is almost a
mindfulness feel around the concept of inspiring others – the colours came from the Earth. When you
use an internet search engine to search images related to ‘inspire’ – they are nature and sunshine type

You are clearly a very creative person, what is your background?

That’s a good question! My creative skills come from my parents – my father was a design engineer
originally, but very musically talented and was often creating and engineering things. My mum was very
artistic, she was always painting,including painting silks, making things out of fabric, sugar craft and so
on. I loved art – I did it for A-level , but found I preferred Resistant Materials such as wood working – so I
did a degree in 3-dimensional design. I decided I wanted to teach, so I taught secondary – it was a nice
opportunity to pursue my own creativities and pass them onto others at the same time

What does the Inspire Others project mean to you?

I guess it’s a small glimmer of hope and an opportunity to discover that my skill set isn’t dead, that all is
not lost after all, when everything else can be overwhelming. An opportunity to live a life past brain
injury. Also, it is an opportunity to be part of something to help others who might find themselves in
similar circumstances.

Thank you so much for your time Harriet.