Inspire Others

In the video, Marc talks about his return to work after brain injury, what the challenges were for him and what helped him in his words ‘keep his head on.’ Through it, Marc connected to his values of ‘productivity’ and ‘contribution.’

What things helped?

-Looking at my interests and experiences to consider potential work positions

-Begin with very small steps; observe, try out, graded increase in hours and responsibilities

-Set up regular times to debrief with your manager/ boss to talk about what went well and what challenges you faced

-The therapy team around me helped take the weight of talking with my employer and supporting me practically and emotionally

Photo by Krzysztof Hepner on Unsplash


The good, the bad and the somewhere in between….



Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash


“Going back to work has been amazing. I now feel comfortable where I know what I need to do. My job is clear to me now”

“I can focus on my area of work and I have learnt all the processes involved so I can enjoy knowing what to do, when and how”

“I feel valued as an important part of the team”

“It has made me tired and I have found that I need to rest for a bit after each shift”

“I have made new friends”

“My conversational communication has improved”

“Working part time enables me to continue with ongoing therapy and achieve a realistic balance”