Inspire Others

In August this year, Chris (see his story here) took part in the Super Hero Series Triathlon event at Dorney Lake near Windsor, UK. Superhero Series was born out of a lack of sporting events for the ‘everyday Super Hero’. It was founded by Paralympian Sophia Warner in 2016. They aim to hold bold, fun & inclusive sporting challenges!

Here we interview Chris about his experience:

How did you feel when the idea was suggested?

I felt positive and had a can-do attitude.

Your triathlon involved swimming, cycling and running. What part did you feel most confident about?

I knew I could swim, cycle and run so I felt fine about them all.

How did you find the transitions between the different parts of the triathlon – for example, going from swimming to running?

The transitions were cool. They gave me a chance to have a little rest before going again.

Who were your Super Hero sidekicks for the triathlon?

My sisters did some points of the race with me, and Rosie, my niece. Also my physio Jenny.

It was fun seeing Rosie run – she was shouting ‘come on Chrissy’ (she is 3) – she was waving her arms. Her encouragement really helped. 

How did you feel when you crossed the finish line?

I felt relief when I crossed the finish line

I had to dig deep. I’m not unfit, I do a lot of physio, but I’m not as fit as I was before the brain injury. 

Would you recommend the Super Hero series to other people with neurological conditions?

I would recommend the Super Hero tri to other people.

What were the distances you did on the day?

Cycling distance: 3k 

Swimming distance 150m

Running distance 1km

If anyone feels inspired by Chris, check out the 2024 Super Hero tri website. You can also see coverage of the 2023 triathlon event and other events on the Channel 4 TV page.