Inspire Others

To celebrate the first anniversary of our website launch, we had hoped to finally all meet up in person. Unfortunately the cold weather and covid had other ideas, so we hosted a festive zoom party instead!

Jude Berraondo created a wonderful video to show just how far we’ve all come in a year both personally, and as a team. Thank you to our videographer expert client, Rich, for sharing your skills – we think that Jude has done a brilliant job!

Our vision is to create a sense of community, encouragement and support. Harrie agreed that the video ‘touches on all the different aspects that we’d want people to come to the website for’.

Richard Coates said that ‘its been cool to see how people have developed from being a part of this project’.

Speaking about his journey after brain injury, Marc said that ‘so much has changed since we filmed the first video’. Anita agreed that ‘we’re moving on as a different person, and learning what that means for us’.

With these reflections in mind, we collaborated on our hopes and dreams for the inspire others project in 2023.

Happy Christmas and Anniversary, Inspire Others – See you in the new year!

Written by Ellie Ewbank