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Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash

Harlyn Bay

Image: shirokazan (Creative Commons,

Harlyn Bay is a very wide beach, in north Cornwall (near Padstow) in the UK

I’ve been going on holiday to Harlyn Bay with my family since I was a toddler

My Mum loves going there and so we go there every year

I used to body board there and I used to enjoy catching waves

We’d travel with my friend and his Mum, We’d spend hours in the sea and come out STARVING!

Family photos at Harlyn Bay

This is me, my Mum and Dad, with Billy and Gus as well

This is me and my beloved Grandpapy and his dog Gus

Harlyn Bay mindfulness exercise

Image: shirokazan (Creative Commons,

I did some work with my Neuropsychologist, Richard on imagery using Harlyn Bay as a subject.

It started as a mindfulness exercise and then developed to help me with putting my head in the water when swimming and helping me with getting my knees up to run.

Download the exercise here to experience it yourself!

Re-learning to swim

December 2018: This is how I started my return to swimming; fully supported by woggles and my Physiotherapist and on my back

October 2019: This Nabaiji buoyancy aid was a breakthrough in my swimming without support

March 2022: Now this Subea snorkelling mask really helps with my body position in the water

Fish Finger Burger recipe

I love cooking and eating

This recipe is simple and delicious

Learning to cook again and improve my skills has been a huge part of my rehabilitation

Check the recipe out on Instagram

An inside the bun view!

This is the tartare sauce with added red onion and well chopped gherkins – using my Cusinart Food Processor.

I used to use a manually operated chopper similar to a Ninja chopper.

In the early days this chopper was so useful when my knife skills weren’t as good as they are today.