Inspire Others

Chris at Work

  • I loved working as a tree surgeon before my accident as it was a very physical job
  • I was a bit nervous of heights at the start, but at the end of my career the “higher the better”


This was how my parents flew over from the UK and saw me for the first time.

Getting back to golf…

This is me shortly after coming out of my coma.

I wasn’t going to let my brain injury stop me playing golf.

As early as I could I got a golf club back in my hands.

I see golf as a lifestyle rather than a hobby.


My main reason for playing golf…

“It was because of Grandpapy and his passion that I have a love of golf…I will keep playing golf because of him.”

“It’s a way of life…you can always improve…there is no finish line, you can always score lower.”

“The passion has passed through three generations: Grandpapy, my Dad and now me.”


Grandpapy attending the flag…

“I love being out on the golf course, it’s beautiful…surrounded by woodland and grass, green as far as the eye can see…it’s got to be great for mind, body and soul.
It makes everyone feel good.”

“Even talking about golf makes me want to get out there and play.”

chris playing golf

What has helped? – Chris’ perspective

  • My Support Workers – they drive me to the golf course and they drive the buggy out on the course, they fill in the score card, help get the clubs out and put them away to help keep the pace up (with other golfers)
  • Membership (I can play whenever I want to). There are a lot of people I know there and I have a very good rapport with most of the staff and they encourage me a lot
  • The social aspect – I enjoy going for a coffee after golf and the staff are lovely
  • Golf Buggy – I was given a buggy – it saves time and conserves energy, helping me score lower
  • Improvement is really important in golf, which keeps me going, as well as determination and the thought that I will get there
  • Grandpapy – he is the reason that I play golf. It’s because of him that I got a golf club back in my hands. I miss getting out on the golf course with him.
  • I do it because I love it. I would do it even if everyone else in the world hated the game. It’s just what I do.

What has helped – Support Worker perspective

  • Receiving a lot of encouragement from family, friends, staff and other golfers
  • Having Support Workers join in and take turns on the driving range helps taking part in this activity, which is still an important part of improving
  • Family and support workers enjoy being there – you can be yourself, people say hello, the food and coffee is great. It is really well-established there. Staff come and they stay, always the same people there. Even the golfers are the same.