Inspire Others

We are very thankful for our sponsors, Leigh Day Solicitors and Neuro Proactive, at each stage of the ‘Inspire Others’ project.

A Compilation of the Inspire Others Logo, and our sponsors: Neuro ProActive, and Leigh Day Solicitors.

Click here to learn more from our generous sponsors about why they were willing to support the ‘Inspire Others’ project.

This month, Leigh Day Solicitors have kindly chosen to support us with developing our social media skills. This involved funding 3 training sessions from a social media expert to upgrade our Instagram content, and to learn some tricks of the trade.

This is a step out of our comfort zone in the service of something important to us.

We aim to get the ‘Inspire Others’ name out on social media through creating more engaging content on Instagram and Twitter, and by improving how we work within these communities.

By improving our social media, we hope to gain a wider reach. This will help us to share inspirational neurological stories to those that may benefit from hearing or seeing them. We would also like to reach more people who have inspirational stories to share.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this project possible!

Photo by Aman Pal on Unsplash