Inspire Others

Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash

MARC: caffeine (his choice is a flat white) after the gym, with a hobnob – makes a big difference to his post gym fatigue. The group discussed that getting the balance right with caffeine is important as there can be detrimental effects to having too much to manage tiredness after brain injury. Marc also uses CBD oil night-time drops which help him sleep. Read Marc’s brain injury story here.

CHLOE: in order to completely relax, Chloe needs peace and quiet and time away from concentrating on anything else. This usually means a lie down during the daytime and might end up in a nap! Read Chloe’s brain injury story here.

CHUCK was not here for the team discussion, but Dr Richard Coates reminded us about Chuck’s breathwork – faster for energy and slower for relaxation. See Chuck’s brain injury story here.

ANITA: mindfulness, yoga and cooking all help Anita with fatigue – she finds that doing something that engages all her senses can be very helpful. She also has had good effects from reflexology and hypnotherapy. If all else fails, a Cadbury’s Twirl! See Anita’s brain injury story here.

HARRIE: Harrie recommends something that can be done in the moment and finds that exercise is most helpful -for example, a brisk 5 minute walk. She also finds a gardening task such as repotting orchids helps her feel peaceful, gentle and productive. See Harrie’s story here.

CHRIS: A solid night’s sleep in a good foundation. Read Chris’ brain injury story here.

OTHER IDEAS THAT HELP: The team all agreed that walking around a beautiful garden is lush. Marc shared that he loves the theory that birdsong helps flowers to open up. Grounding in nature was very important to the whole team. See Dr Richard Coates project – Neurons in Nature – which is based on this very thing. Anita shared a 20 min wellbeing tour she did at Oxford Botanical Gardens – Winter Wonders – it is still running until the end of March 2024 – see here. Harrie shared that she had recently been to a Brush Party – where groups of people are taught how to paint a picture – even if you have never painted before you end up with a really nice painting. She went with friends and had a few glasses of wine, and found it very relaxing. Brush parties are available world wide – you can find ones local to you with an internet search.